Total installed output - 1,8 MW
Completed projects - 200+
Reduced CO2 emissions - 1800t/year
Represented - 7 countries

Solar Roof

Solar panels can be effectively used for erecting full PV roof, be it a renovation or a new-build project. 310W standard-size modules are fitted with innovative framing, which renders regular solar panels into weatherproof roofing system. Non-active modules can be utilized in the perimeter or areas with permanent shading (incl. transition to dormers, chimneys, ventilation outlets etc).

Solar Roof is perfect fit for
  • Large scale new-build or renovation roof projects. Residential or industrial scope.
  • Roofs with minimum pitch of 17°.
  • 100% waterproof underlayment must be used in cases the roof pitch is below 17°.



  • Installation costs are dependent of location and site/roof specifics.
  • Post a quote and our expert in your country will contact you soon.
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