Total installed output - 4.5 MW
Completed projects - 500+
Reduced CO2 emissions - 4700t/year
Represented - 8 countries


Solarstone is providing probably the best solar roof solutions on the market.

We are constantly expanding and looking for long-term partners to bring integrated solar to new frontiers.

Be it Australia, Albania or Antarctica.

How to become a reseller of the best solar products on the market?

For starters there are couple of simple requirements for validation. The three key elements listed below will determine if our DNA-s match and the partnership will become a success.

 Mindset and experience

We expect our partners fully understand the solar market and the benefits it brings to our customers.

We work only with established solar solutions providers who have tapped the opportunities the legislators and climate challenges have presented us.

But that’s not it. Building-integrated rooftop solar requires thorough understanding of regular roofing principles and how these two worlds coincide. Back in the days carpenters/roofers and electricians used to be strangers who rarely met.

Solarstone sees them as allies who need to support each other in the quest for making the rooftops great again.

 Licensed and labor ready

Know your home market and the local workflow. We expect all our partners to understand the local requirements it takes to install and eventually commission a solar installation.

In some countries end-customers are allowed to execute electrical works, whereas in come countries only trained and licensed personnel are allowed anywhere near an active installation.

System design, proper planning and schedule control is essential. Project management skills are not to be overestimated as solar projects can be subject to delays and unexpected surprises.

Although simplest in the world, we expect you to show your A game in providing us with the quality staff Solarstone products deserve.

 Marketing and scaling

Are you bored of mounting regular ugly bolt-on modules? How about jumping into new world of BIPV and marketing market-breaking products? Small and mid-scale rooftop PV segment is getting highly competitive and Solarstone allows you to stand out.  Solarstone USP is simple – ease of installation, customisation and the looks. We can provide you with the online sales tools, marketing materials and full support in technical details. In return we need your commitment and marketing focus which will naturally lead to increased opportunities and long-term partnership.

Tools and flow

There are 5 basic steps if all above mentioned elements to validate the match between you and Solarstone.

  1. Calculator. Effective use of Solarstone proprietary Calculator is essential. Useful for simple configurations and preliminary quotes. All active price-lists are available once logged in and we do not usually send separate prices in pdf or any other format.
  2. BIM. Using Revit or Archicad for more elaborate configurations.
  3. Samples. Agree on delivery of samples.
  4. Marketing. Map and agree on marketing activities and budget.
  5. Guidelines. We’ll walk you through all relevant guides (Installation Manual, Warranty Conditions, Declarations) with Solarstone Sales Rep.

Contract. If all activities, incl. delivery details, minimum order structure and KPI-s are successfully mapped and agreed upon we welcome you as a Premium Reseller.

Find our sales team on LinkedIn. Eventually you will stand alongside with these strong players below that have already installed more than 70 projects across the Nordics.


bmi ormax and solarstone

Läntinen teollisuuskatu 10, 02920 Espoo

SWEDEN: SVEA renewables AB

Bergkällavägen 35,  192 79 Sollentuna

SWEDEN: Solortus AB


Kilgatan 6, 594 31 Gamleby

NORWAY: Solintegra AS

Tungenesveien 29, 4071 Randaberg

DENMARK: Yellowtec A/S

Kongelysvej 2, DK-2640 Hedehusene

DENMARK: Allgreen Distribution A/S

Kongelysvej 2, DK-2640 Hedehusene


Nygade 95 A, 7430 Ikast


Nygade 95 A, 7430 Ikast


Gulbju iela 18, LV-1076, Riga

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